The Noble Eightfold Path: Right Mindfulness


When we develop the prior steps on the Noble Eightfold Path, there is now a method to look clearer into this human experience. Mindfulness illuminates how reactivity works in the mind and the body, and it reminds us what we are supposed to be doing with the Eightfold Path: To find the Supreme Happiness of Peace.

Intro: 0:00
Equanimity: 0:24
3 Characteristics: 5:29
Dzogchen/Advaita Direct Paths: 19:24
Subject – Object – Time: 1:19:03

Photos from Pexels and Wikipedia

Photo: Sogyal Rinpoche performing an empowerment ritual in Bhutan By Lotsawa108 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,


The Eight Worldly Winds – Daniel Ingram:

The Jhanas:

Flow Playlist:

Thought and Meditation – Rob Burbea:

Equanimity – Rob Burbea:

Effortlessness – Leela Sarti:

The Three Characteristics Playlist:

Michael Pollan and Chris Bache – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview:


Dzogchen South Africa Full Explanation of Rigpa with Jackson Peterson:

SN 1:25:

The Not-Knowing That Knows – Loch Kelly:

Vipassana – Daniel Ingram:

Starting As Awareness – Rupert Spira:

Beyond Mindfulness to Effortless Mindfulness:

Adyashanti & Loch Kelly – The Journey After Awakening:

A Life Of One’s Own – Marion Milner:

Attention and Effort – Daniel Kahneman:

Esther Hicks – The Receptive Mode:

The Ego and the Id – Sigmund Freud:

Loch Kelly, Author, « Shift Into Freedom, » on the Path of Awakening:

Wake Up Now – Stephan Bodian:

Shift Into Freedom – Loch Kelly:

Beyond Mindfulness – Stephan Bodian:

The Way of Effortless Mindfulness – Loch Kelly:

The Unconditioned – Adyashanti:

Be Who You Are – Jean Klein:

Beyond Knowledge – Jean Klein:

The Book of Listening – Jean Klein:

The Ease of Being – Jean Klein:

I AM – Jean Klein:

Stop Chasing What You Think Will Make You Happy – Alan Watts:

Sogyal Rinpoche Allegations:

Sogyal Rinpoche scandal:

Sogyal Rinpoche and the Crazy Wisdom tradition:

Crazy Wisdom, or just Crazy?:

Trap Doors:

Out Of The Fog:

Rest As Awareness – Adyashanti:

I cannot find myself – Adyashanti:

The Subtlety of Dependent Origination – Rob Burbea:

Zen Mind Beginner’s Mind – Shunryu Suzuki:

Seeing That Frees – Rob Burbea:

Seeing That Frees Edits:

Rob Burbea Transcripts:

Introduction to The Middle Way – Chandrakirti:

Nagarjuna’s Precious Garland – Jeffrey Hopkins:

Dignaga on the Interpretation of Signs – Richard Hayes:

Thought and Meditation – Rob Burbea:

Guided Meditation on Chronic Pain:

How do I stay in the present moment when it feels unbearable? – Thich Nhat Hanh:

The Wisdom of No Escape – Pema Chödron:


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