Be Conscious – Not Conscious 'of' – Non duality with Terrence

The 'me' lives in the mind. All its attention is on things and being conscious of things. The mind thinks it sees, hears, tastes, touches and smells things. But you're here, right now. Conscious and aware of the mind seeing, hearing, tasting, touching and smelling.... Read more

What's Not a Concept? – Non duality with Terrence

The challenge is to find one thing that's not a concept. You can't speak about something without putting a label on it. A concept. The moment mind egages, it's a concept. In the absences of mind, even the idea of concept does not arise. -... Read more

The Value of Satsang – Non duality with Terrence

A participant comments that watching YouTube videos can be very helpful, but there's nothing like being in a live Satsang. In Satsangs one is truly present to the experiencING. It just resonates more. There's nothing better than the immediacy of 'Now' - Terrence Excerpt from... Read more

The Implications of Realizing Our True Nature, Rupert Spira A conversation with Rupert Spira about the sense of lack, happiness, relationships and intimacy. From an early age Rupert was deeply interested in the nature of Reality. For twenty years he studied the teachings of Ouspensky, Krishnamurti, Rumi, Shankaracharya, Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta and Robert... Read more

Relaxation and the Energetic Body – Guided Meditation – Billy Doyle (Part 1)

Meditation Part 1 (with Audio Fix): Meditation Part 2: Meditation Part 3: Meditation Part 4: Billy is a qualified yoga teacher. He studied with many teachers in a wide variety of approaches. In 1982 he met Jean Klein who introduced him... Read more

🕉😀 Are you running in ignorance mode? Check your preferences! Nonduality Teacher Francis Lucille

Nonduality teacher Francis Lucille (friend and disciple of Jean Klein) speaks about how your belief systems, especially the 'I-am-a-separate-being'-belief, is/are constantly running in the background of our minds. He uses an analogy and describes it in a funny way. ******************************* Francis Lucille Quotes: - 'A... Read more

What is Tantra – Éric Baret

"We are what needs to be sensed, felt and seen." Without either diploma or culture, Éric Baret has no special competence. Touched by the non-dual tradition through Jean Klein's teaching, he proposes that one turns towards listening, free of any notion of gain. Nothing taught,... Read more