Short Nuggets -January & February, 2022 – Non duality with Terrence

Excerpts from Virtual Satsangs with Terrence Stephens. If you’re new to Terrence’s teachings, you're invited to attend a complementary online Satsang. Details available at Terrence’s Non duality website: Join Terrence for weekly Virtual Satsangs at Consult with Terrence directly in private 1:1 sessions... Read more

Virtual Satsang, 15th February 2021 – Non duality with Terrence

Full Virtual Satsang with Terrence Stephens. Take illuminating 1:1 sessions with Terrence Stephens at Join Terrence for three weekly Virtual Satsangs at Also check out his Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Terrence is an Australian born teacher and guide of Non-Duality. Like... Read more

Come to See What You're Not – Non duality with Terrence

This conversation includes many wonderful pointers: the 'me' is a story; anything you're aware of, is not you; that that you're not, is searching for what you are; see what the seeker is; don't get lost in the content of the mind, rather watch the... Read more

When Is It Not Now? – Non-duality with Terrence

Why are we so convinced that time is real? The mind is sure there's the present, the past and the future. But doesn't your Direct Experience always occur now? Come back to your Direct Experience of now! - Excerpt from Virtual Satsang with Terrence Stephens.... Read more

What's This? – Non-duality with Terrence

Terrence guides a student who has "had enough" of seeking and suggests that she just sit still with only one question. "What's this?" - Excerpt from Virtual Satsang with Terrence Stephens. Join Terrence for weekly Virtual Satsangs at Consult with Terrence directly in private... Read more

Who Wants to Know? – Non duality with Terrence

A participant feels like he's missed something, some important knowledge or point that has evaded him. It's not missing knowledge that needs to be sought. Instead, one must ask oneself "Who wants to know?" Who is it that is seeking more information? Of course, the... Read more

What's Not a Concept? – Non duality with Terrence

The challenge is to find one thing that's not a concept. You can't speak about something without putting a label on it. A concept. The moment mind egages, it's a concept. In the absences of mind, even the idea of concept does not arise. -... Read more

The Value of Satsang – Non duality with Terrence

A participant comments that watching YouTube videos can be very helpful, but there's nothing like being in a live Satsang. In Satsangs one is truly present to the experiencING. It just resonates more. There's nothing better than the immediacy of 'Now' - Terrence Excerpt from... Read more