What's Not a Concept? – Non duality with Terrence

The challenge is to find one thing that's not a concept. You can't speak about something without putting a label on it. A concept. The moment mind egages, it's a concept. In the absences of mind, even the idea of concept does not arise. -... Read more

The Value of Satsang – Non duality with Terrence

A participant comments that watching YouTube videos can be very helpful, but there's nothing like being in a live Satsang. In Satsangs one is truly present to the experiencING. It just resonates more. There's nothing better than the immediacy of 'Now' - Terrence Excerpt from... Read more

Pure Love Is Non-Conceptual – Non duality with Terrence

What happens when we fall in love? The 'mind' will say, "I've fallen in love with a person." Let's have a look at that. A concept is falling in love with a concept. Which is a concept of what love really is. Pure Love is... Read more