Jon Bernie recalls the impact of meeting Jean Klein

Nondual spiritual teacher Jon Bernie talks about meeting Jean Klein. "Even when I met him the first few times, I didn't realize the impact it was having on took awhile for my cognitive function to catch up with what was really happening." Jon... Read more

Jean Klein – Discovering the Current of Love

Yoga teacher Lilias Folan interviews Jean Klein with basic and practical questions about the search for truth and the direct path as well as questions about Jean's own background. This DVD is a welcome introduction for those who know little of Jean and a warm,... Read more

Jean Klein – The Flame of Being

Michael Toms' interview of Jean Klein is a profound and meditative exchange that reveals the real nature of being: silence, space and listening. Michael Toms' thoughtful questions encourage Dr. Klein to go deeper into the fundamental issues that confront anyone searching for the truth: the... Read more