Our True Nature – Jean Klein (Advaita Vedanta)

Jean Klein (1912 – 1998) was a French author and spiritual teacher of Advaita Vedanta (Nondualism). The core message of Advaita Vedanta teachings is that our « ego » identity is a social fiction. Our true nature is Primal Awareness, a kind of Field of Consciousness which is within all beings and pervades the entire Universe.

This is an excerpt from the book « I Am » (p.7), from a longer reading of Jean’s words by Samaneri Jayasāra (below), creator of the Wisdom of the Masters youtube channel.

Jean Klein – A Guided Meditation on our True Nature – Advaita-Vedanta

The background music is « Raga Shivranjani » on Bansuri (flute) by Prasad Bandarkar:

The cover image is Salmon Woman by the artist Deborah Milton. This painting and other artwork by her can be ordered here:

Paintings by Josephine Wall
Brian Kirhagis

Photography is primarily from Unsplash, including the work of Kyaw Tun, Nate Rayfield, Casey Horner, Keegan Houser, Mohamed Nohassi, Greg Rakozy, Dave Goudreau, Daniele Furlan, Pawel Nolbert, Yoann Boyer, saffu, Haley Nguyen, Andrew Chase, Sean Mcauliffe and Guilherme Stecanella.

More information on Jean Klein’s books and teachings:


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