Come to See What You're Not – Non duality with Terrence

This conversation includes many wonderful pointers: the ‘me’ is a story; anything you’re aware of, is not you; that that you’re not, is searching for what you are; see what the seeker is; don’t get lost in the content of the mind, rather watch the mechanics of how it works. – Terrence

Excerpt from Virtual Satsang with Terrence Stephens.

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Terrence is an Australian born teacher and guide of Non-Duality. Like us all, Terrence had his own personal back ‘story’ (a ‘me’) which has included sexual abuse as a child, living in a dysfunctional and broken family followed by drug addiction, divorce, depression and anxiety with suicidal thoughts.

During his journey, he consulted various psychologists and therapists and pursued a variety of spiritual paths and self-help groups. Nothing seemed to relieve the deep-seated experience of separation and isolation.

Then one day in 1986 he chanced to meet Sailor Bob Adamson who had settled in Melbourne following his 12 months with Nisargadatta Maharaj in Bombay. Here Terrence gained an intellectual understanding of non duality. However, it was many years later that his sense of self (me) finally collapsed.

What resulted was no more searching, no wanting and no desires and a state of being carefree. It was in this state of collapse that his true nature was revealed; awakening from the dreamed fictitious personal character.

Since then Terrence has been pointing the way to non dual realisation or awakening. Profoundly direct and yet delivered with compassion, warmth and fun!

If you’re interested in non dual teachers such as Adyashanti, Rupert Spira, Mooji, Eckhart Tolle, Greg Goode, Lisa Cairn, Tony Parsons, Robert Wolf, Jean Klein, Francis Lucille, Stephan Bodian, Fred Davis, Jean Klein, Scott Kiloby or Loch Kelly, and you’re interested in non dual experience or non duality realisation or awakening then take a listen to Terrence Stephens and visit

Intro song is Far Behind by Jam Morgan


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