Bill Free & Anneke Boertjs – Jean Klein I Am (Week 10)

Week 10 Pages 131-156 – This is the last meeting for the final 3 chapters of this great teaching of Jean Klein from the Book of Essays – I AM.

The purpose of this site is to help others to realize their own true Identity in God and Self Realization.

We offer online programs and events that are designed to bring Awareness to the practical and simple principles contained in A Course in Miracles and other traditions of Non-dual teaching, such as Advaita, Budhism, Sufism, Great Freedom, Hinduism, and some references of the Bible, Torah, Kabala , Tao and Mystical Teachings in alignment with Oneness.

These teachings and pointings are simple – forgiveness, prayer, listening to Inner Guidance with our deepest love and understanding, spending time each day with the God of your own understanding – Self inquiry, contemplation and raising every question to doubt will attain Self Realization and does lead to a direct experience of miracles, purification and Enlightenment in this lifetime.


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